Al-Arfaj: The National Flower of Kuwait

Al-Arfaj is the national flower of Kuwait. Despite the fact that Kuwait is a desert country, many plants and flower are grown in Kuwait. Some of the famous flowers of Kuwait are Calendula parsecs, Lehiet Al-Tais , Calendula aegyptiaca, Nitraria retusa, Artemisia scoparia, Scrophularia deserti, Seidlitzia rosmarinus, Afaina, Zygophyllum coccineum and Cistanche tubulosa.

al-arfaj the national flower of kuwait

Interesting facts about Al-Arfaj.

The scientific name of Al-Arfaj is Rhanterium epapposum. It belongs to Asteraceae family with Rhanterium as a genus . It consists of yellow flowers which are about 1.5 cm wide. It possesses bushy shrub which is almost 80 cm tall. It is considered as the spring flower because it blooms in between April and may. It is the favourite plant of sheep and camel because it grows usually in desert areas. It grows on the shallow well-drained sandy soil. The Al-Arfaj has yet to be classified by the IUCN.

Why Al-Arfaj is the national flower of Kuwait?

The Al-Arfaj is native to Kuwait and Saudia Arabia deserts. The are found in a large number in Kuwait. There is no specific reason that why Al-Arfaj is the national flower of Kuwait but some people considered that because of its medical uses and its uses in cultural decorations also its availability in huge amount makes it the national flower of Kuwait.

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Al-Arfaj: The National Flower of Kuwait

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