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The Happy New Year 2024 Celebrations aren’t that distant anymore, and while we all look forward to having the new year 2024 celebration party at our home or with friends, things need to be planned first. Moreover, many of you might be confused about celebrating the New Year 2024 during the current pandemic, so we are here to discuss much of that stuff.

In this article, we will be sharing plenty of New Year Celebration Ideas that you can plan on and execute during New Year’s Eve. The article’s unique feature is the list of exciting ideas to celebrate the new year during the coronavirus pandemic that you might find fascinating.

Happy New Year Celebrations 2024:

Not just that, while most people don’t want to witness this year’s new year celebrations, we will be bringing the new year celebrations to live at your home on your tablet and smartphone.

So let us now move ahead and cover all the exciting New Year Celebrations around the world that you are looking forward to enjoying.

Happy new Year Celebration Ideas

New Year Celebration Ideas for New Year’s Eve 2024

It might be difficult for many of us to have that routine new year 2024 celebration party during the current situation. However, there is still a lot of hope that researchers and scientists will produce a vaccine to eradicate the problem before the Christmas and New Year seasons. If that happens, the world will have its new year celebrations, just like they would do every year.

In the hope of doing so, let us bring you some new year’s celebration ideas that you can put in your New Year’s plan and have fun while executing those plans with your friends and family.

1.    Make a ‘2020 Favorite Moments’ Memory Board:

2020 has been a challenging year; however, we still made some great memories that might stick with us throughout our lives. So, one way of starting your new year celebrations at home is making a memory board, writing all the great moments you had, and sticking them on it. Ask your family members to do the same, and it can turn out as something fun and unforgettable for you guys.

Happy New Year Celebration in Covid

2.    Dancing on Full Volume:

While you can’t go out to new year’s concerts, raves, and dance clubs during the coronavirus lockdown, you can get to dancing at least at your home. So, it is time that you invite your friends and family over to your home, set up those massive speakers, and play music of full volume to start dancing like crazies. This one act would help you get the most fun out of your New Year’s Eve party.

Happy New Year Celebration Themes

3.    List your accomplishments:

Being proud of your accomplishments can prove to be a huge motivation to keep moving in life. Whether you are working or studying, please make a list of all the achievements you have made through 2020 and hang them on your wall. Giving yourself the deserved credit helps you get out of the rut that has been holding you back, and you can start working with even more energy on your goals.

New Year 2023 Celebrations

4.    Cooking a meal for friends and family:

While all of your friends and family will be gathering around for the new year celebrations at your home, cooking a delicious meal is the first thing you should be concerned about. Here is a quick list of new year dishes that you should be cooking that best suit the event:

  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Cook Chicken and Fish dishes
  • Serve peas and beans

Happy new year 2021 food

We have a complete list of New Year Foods that you should check right away and make your New Year’s Party an unforgettable one.

5.    10 Amazing New Year Celebration Ideas:

We can go non-stop about the new year 2024 celebration ideas; however, not all can be executed on a single day. So, depending on what your preferences for the new year celebrations, here is a complete list of our new year celebration ideas that you should be trying out:

  • When you are just an average guy with a typical salary, make sure to divide your friends’ expenses. This allows you to have more fun without spending a big part of your earnings.
  • The party is going to happen, and that is for sure. However, make sure that you a good part of your time for talking to friends and discussing new ideas about making yourself a better person in New Year 2024.
  • Depending on your budget, get the drinks and food that you enjoy and don’t waste it. If you happen to buy some extra food, invite other people over, especially the poor and hungry, and make their New Year’s Eve great as well.
  • Ensure that your girlfriend or wife is also your center of attention because these are the moments when your relationships with your loved ones get better.
  • Please create your balloon filled confetti using little colored paper and pop it at midnight.
  • Turn New Year’s Eve into a fondue party.
  • Make your guests some customized hats and right on it. “Cheers, 2024
  • Bring your friends together and make a new year’s resolution altogether.
  • Dim the lights and enjoy some scented candles as the clock ticks 12.
  • Set up a confetti bar and blow the confetti from the balcony with your friends.

Happy New Year Eve Ideas

These were ten unique new year celebration ideas that you can plan and have fun with your friends and family.

New Year 2024 Celebrations Around the World

There is a great tradition of new year celebrations worldwide that people love to enjoy on New Year’s Eve. While many of them have been canceled and others shall be broadcasted live, such as New Year Fireworks, we will be bringing those new year celebrations to live coverage.

Happy New Year Celebration Around The World

If you are planning to celebrate your New Year at some other in the world, here is some information about how New Year Celebrations in Europe and some other countries.

1.    New Year Celebrations in London:

If the event of New Year doesn’t feel special anymore to you in your city, it is time to change your location and celebrate it somewhere else. To do that, the first thing you should do is book your ticket to London. This is the city where these celebrations and take a new turn. The city is full of lights, New Year Decorations, and there are New Year fireworks all around the city.

If you want to travel there with your family, there are many family-friendly festivities, including drinks, food, and BBQ which you can enjoy. The best part of celebrating the New Year in London are the concerts of your favorite singing stars who are keeping the show alive.

Happy New year 2023 Celebration

2.    New Year Celebrations in China and Japan:

China, being the most populated country, has everything to give to this world in terms of happiness and joy. The Chinese people celebrate not only their Chinese New Year but also the New Year with the world. There are parties and concerts all over the country with the touch of Chinese culture that enhances the experience, especially for the tourists.

The students studying in China from different parts of the world love to be there this time of the year. When you are there, make sure that you do research about the cultural places of China and go there.

Happy New Year Celebration

3.    New Year Celebrations in Europe:

When it comes to diversity, nothing gets better than Europe, when you are in that continent the cities like Barcelona, Brussels, London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Rome, and New Year Amsterdam and the best places to be.

The parties of New Year in Europe are the best with lively people drinking, eating, and making conversations. Also, when you are there, search for good jobs and career opportunities so you can try settling there.

New Year Celebration In Europe's copy

New Year Celebrations Origin – History of the New Year Celebrations

It is an excellent time to read everything that there is to know about your favorite time and events of the year. While the COVID-19 situation has us sitting back in our homes and work home, reading some informative stuff about various events could be significant. Reading the New Year Celebrations’ history can be exciting, especially for people who read during their daily routine.

Happy new year origin

So let us now move ahead and bring you a complete history of the New Year Celebrations:

The Early History of the New Year Celebrations:

The early history of the New Year Celebrations dates back to 4,000 BC, where the ancient Babylonians would mark the New Year’s start in March during the Vernal Equinox. On this late day in March, the light of the sun and darkness were in equal amount, and with this happening, they marked the start of their new year.

The celebrations were a complete religious festival named ‘Akitu.’ This event lasted for at least 11 days. The origin of the word itself has derived from the Sumerian word that translates into ‘Barley.’ The celebrations also commemorate the Babylonian mythical god Marduk’s victory over the sea goddess Tiamat.

Babylonians believed this event was the perfect time for crowning a new king, and the existing king’s mandate was renewed; they would do that during Akita. The recorded historical accounts have successfully confirmed the origin of the first new year celebrations with this Babylonian history.

Other than the Babylonian civilization, the new year celebrations varied worldwide depending on when they marked the beginning of the new year. For instance, the Egyptians would hold their New Year Celebrations during the annual River Nile floodings and commemorate their HNY celebrations then.

Becoming of January 1st as the New Year’s Day:

January 1st is New Year’s Day, has an interesting behind that must be explored. It is common knowledge that Julius Caesar arranged the addition of 90 new days to the Roman Calendar to align it with the sun. So it was Julius Caesar who introduced the Julian Calendar, the calendar was named after him.

The early Roman Calendar would also begin at the Vernal Equinox and had ten months, only having 304 days. Romulus, the founder of Rome, created this Roman Calendar; however, further months such as Januarious and Febuarius were later added by the Roman Emperor, Numa Pompilius.

Though the Roman Calendar was not well made and upon going out of sync with the sun, Julius Caesar took the initiative of solving this issue. He contacted many famous mathematicians and astronomers of that time. As a result, Julius Caesar introduced the Julian Calendar, which is quite similar to the Gregorian Calendar we are using today.

Happy new year 1st january

It all came down to deciding the first day of the year Julius Caesar decided should be January 1st. He named the month to honor the Roman god Janus which was Januarious namesake and also a Roman god associated with the beginnings.

When it was all done and decided, Romans would have their New Year Celebrations by decorating their homes and exchanging gifts. At the same time, people with strong religious beliefs would offer sacrifices to the god Janus. Romans also held new year parties, which is a tradition that continued to live forever.

The influence of Christian leaders in medieval Europe shifted the dynamics a bit. People started the new year celebrations from December 25th to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and celebrate the new year’s events.

New Year Celebrations Live

A lot of people might not want to be at risk of coronavirus exposure; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t know what is going to happen during the New Year Celebrations 2024 all around the world. Stay tuned to our website, and we will be bringing the New Year Celebrations Live coverage of the 2024 events from various countries of the world.


Let us conclude our article with the hope that people all around the world will be able to enjoy the spirit of these New Year 2024 Celebrations. Make sure that you read the article thoroughly to learn some fantastic new year celebrations ideas to celebrate the event at home with your friends and family.

Leave us your feedback and if you are looking forward to learning more about the event, keep visiting our site for more.

A Happy New Year 2024 to everyone!

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