Happy Quarantine New Year 2024: Celebration Ideas, Destination, News

How New Year’s Eve will look like during the coronavirus pandemic? This question that people keep asking themselves and look forward to getting their answer from the governments. One thing is for sure; our favorite event will not be celebrated as we are used to celebrating it in the form of public gatherings.

It has been confirmed by the authorities in New York and London that there will be no public new year celebrations on Times Square or River Thames Bridge. These decisions are more than enough to realize that Happy New Year 2024 in quarantine will not be the same as in the past.

That makes people think about what to do and what new year activities to go for on New Year’s Eve. Well, besides sending each other New Year Wishes And New Year Greetings, and New Year Gifts on New Year’s Day, there are a handful of activities that you can do while following the SOPs.

Before you get to that stuff, let us bring you to quarantine New Year 2024 updates from some famous New Year Destinations such as New York and London. It is because people keep asking whether they will be able to witness significant events such as Times Square Ball Drop, New Year Fireworks, and New Year Countdown or not.

So, having established the objective, let us get into the details of the latest news updates about the New Year Celebrations during COVID-19 and what you can do as an alternative on this New Year’s Eve 2024.

Happy New Year 2024

Quarantine New Year’s Eve News Update: Times Square New York

New York is the host to the biggest New Year Celebrations that the world witnesses every year. People start gathering on New Year’s Eve by getting new year tickets, which they order months before the event. On New Year’s Eve, there is a huge New Year Countdown involving a million people, and just as the clock strikes midnight, hugs and kisses are shared, and songs are played to welcome the New Year.

The media coverage for this event in New York is done worldwide, and you must have noticed the strength of that crowd. Unfortunately, according to the latest news coming from the mayor’s office, the new year celebrations have been canceled for the general public to attend. Instead, they plan to bring virtual New Year in New York events, including New Year Countdown and Ball Drop.

We only have a month to go before New Year’s Eve, and since we are not even close to making a vaccine for COVID-19, it is doubtful that these events will be revived for the general public to attend. We have left the only option to get the live stream of New Year Countdown and Fireworks in New York and celebrate a new year party at home with our friends and family.

Quarantine New Year’s Eve Updates: London

Similarly, London’s New Year events have also been canceled as the number of infections has increased over time. This situation is unfortunate because people look forward to being a part of fabulous New Year Fireworks while partying on River Thames Bridge in London. Moreover, the street parties and royal parades in this city on New Year’s Eve are incredible, which people plan to attend the whole year.

The situation is getting worse because while New York city’s management plans to arrange virtual celebrations, Sajid Khan, the London City mayor, has ordered to cancel every New Year’s Eve celebration, including New Year Fireworks and Parades. People have shown their disappointment over the decision; however, it was indeed a well-made and rational decision from the management.

Quarantine New Year Ideas at Home to Celebrate New Year 2024

The following is our list of favorite quarantine new year ideas at home to celebrate New Year 2024 with your loved ones: Happy New Year Quarantine celebrations

1.    Decorate Your Home for New Year 2024:

Happy New Year Decoration ideas

To live the spirit of any event, you need to decorate your home first. For sure, you would already have the Christmas decorations making your home look better. However, using a few props and some more decorations that are specific to the New Year’s theme can do a lot more.

Not just that doing New Year decorations will make your home look appealing, it can also give you some time as a family to spend some creative and happy time with your children. While we cannot go outside for New Year celebrations this year, it can certainly be worthwhile at home if celebrated the right way.

2.    Making a Scrapbook:

Happy New Year 2021 Scrapbook

Mostly horrific but having some good memories as well; 2020 was a hard year for most people. However, just so the way we do not forget everything good about the year, making a scrapbook of 12 months can be a good idea to celebrate the new year in quarantine. You can also go for a single photo album as well but, just make sure that there are plenty of good memories on there.

3.    Playing a Game:

Happy new year musical chair

One way of passing a good time with your friends and family is playing a nice game that everyone likes. When it comes to that, you can check out our detailed article on some cool New Year Games that you can play at your home including many online and word-guessing games that just work for people. There is no way you can have a fun New Year’s Eve party without arranging some interesting new year games for invitees.

4.    Making a Memory Jar:

Happy New Year Memory JAR

An idea similar to creating a scrapbook or photo album is making a memory jar. It is a simple way of writing all your favorite memories of the year and put them inside a jar with the rest of your family’s memories. What would be more fun is that the family sits around for a coffee and read this stuff to share some lovely moments during the party.

5.    The Festive Dinner:

Happy New Year Dinner Festive

It does not matter where you are partying, the kind of food that is present at a New Year’s Eve party can make or break things. Make sure that you cook a huge and festive dinner for your family and friends with their favorite dishes. If you want to make it more amazing, check out our article on lovely New Year Food Traditions that are followed across the world to make it even better.

6.    The Family Photo Booth:

You can spend some great time with your family by setting up a photo booth and taking family photos. This gives people a good reason to dress on New Year’s Eve even though we aren’t going outside for the celebrations. The session can be made better by putting out some photo props and using them to take cool photos that are worth uploading to your social media profile.

7.    Writing New Year Resolutions:

Being a part of your family, the members know what new year resolutions you have planned for New Year 2024. However, you can convert this into a fun game by making two teams; each team will be writing their new year resolutions, and then the guessing game will begin. You can also incorporate ‘Two Resolutions and a Lie,’ which is another excellent guessing game. Making a photo wall and writing your new year’s resolutions can be another good idea.

8.    Baking Desserts:

Most mums take care of a family cooking routine; however, since everyone is staying at home for this holiday season, let’ do it together. It is time that you cook new year’s dinner and desserts as a family. This idea can do wonders, primarily because it will be a learning experience for everyone.

While everybody is pitching their his/her, the desserts can be very delicious this time. Moreover, since your HNY party will be a big one, you can cook more than one dessert, which the foodies will love to have.

9.    Make a Toast:

Once the dinner is prepared and all of your family are on the dinner table, it is time to raise a toast. It is recommended that you start with elderly family members. While raising your toast, make sure that you mention everyone’s achievements, which is an incredible feat since this year has been challenging. Remember all the good moments of the year and drink a glass of champagne with them.

10.    Watch the Virtual Ball Drop:

The Times Square Ball Drop is one of the most significant new year events watched live by millions of spectators every year. However, due to the pandemic, this event has been canceled for the general public. However, the administration will broadcast the virtual ball drop, which you can watch on your TV screens and the internet. Ensure that you are streaming the virtual ball drop on New Year’s Eve with your family and welcome the New Year 2024.

These were some cool quarantine new year ideas at home to celebrate the New Year 2024 with your family. Let us know if you enjoyed reading these and share them with your friends and family.

Quarantine New Year Ideas for Couples to Celebrate the New Year 2024:

Happy New Year Couples Goal in Coronavirus

If you are just a couple who is caught at home due to the coronavirus lockdown at any place, you might need some different ideas to celebrate the New Year 2024. Of course, you are looking for something that best suits a couple of people who look forward to spending some great time together. So, let us now move ahead and bring you some quarantine new year celebrations ideas for couples.

1.    Watch a Movie:

Happy New Year MOVIE WATCH

Our busy lives had us missed out on tons of great movies that you can finally catch up to. Well, even though catching up to a ton of entertainment is all that people have been doing, your New Year’s movie should be a special one. So, what couples can do is choose a great movie, prepare a meal, and watch it together on New Year’s Eve to have some good new year’s time during the quarantine.

2. The New Year’s Brunch:

Happy New Year Brunch

We will all be eating a lot of food during the new year celebrations. However, while most people keep it to new year dinners, preparing a brunch for your love can be a smart way of winning his/her heart. There is a bunch of stuff that you can include in your new year’s brunch including a festive dish, champagne, pancakes, mimosa, and other favorite dishes you can think of.

3.    Dress Up Well:

Quarantine New Year

If you aren’t going out this year for New Year’s Eve, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress for the occasion. Well, to keep the evening fresh and alive, you have got to dress well as a couple and give each other some romantic charms. Take a fresh bath and wear your favorite dress on New Year’s Eve at home to celebrate this important event despite the hard times to make some memories.

4. The Virtual Times Square Ball Drop:

Happy New Year 2022 Ball Drop Streaming


The New Year Countdown and Times Square Ball Drop will not be as they are every year. People will be staying at home; however, while we can’t go out there, watching the virtual Times Square Ball Drop with your family, girlfriend, wife, or boyfriend can still make some big memories. Just set up the Times Square Ball Drop live stream on a screen or projector and do the HNY countdown to welcome a happy new year 2024 at home.

5. Play Video Games:

New Year Quarantine

Well, it might feel like stating the obvious, playing video games as a couple can still be a lot of fun even though we aren’t currently living in the fun era of couch multiplayer. Choose any game of yours and your partner’s liking and playing it on whatever system you have. Keep the scores to keep things competitive and fun. There are plenty of good titles out there with the next generation of consoles to entertain you.

More Quarantine New Year Ideas to Celebrate New Year 2024

While it is not possible to go into the detail of every idea that we have for you to celebrate the New Year 2024 at home, we can certainly enlist them and give you more insight into what options you have:

  • Virtual New Year’s Party
  • Throw-back pre-quarantine party
  • Online video games
  • Netflix or Prime Video Watch Party
  • A Drive-by Celebration
  • Online board games
  • Concert live streams
  • New Year Countdown Live Stream
  • Outdoor movie on a projector
  • New Year Decorations with neighbors
  • The ice cream sundae bar
  • Making cocktails
  • A photo booth for a photo session
  • Telling jokes and stories
  • The dance floor at home
  • Showing magic tricks to kids

These were some pretty cool new year ideas to celebrate the New Year 2024 at home during the quarantine.

Quarantine New Year Destinations to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024

While most people become a part of the New Year Celebrations in their hometown, visiting our New Year Destinations can be a fun adventure. Well, you might have dreamed about going to various vibrant and colorful cities in the world to have a different experience. This article brings you the list of the best Happy New Year 2024 Destinations to celebrate the event.

We will also mention a handful of activities that you can perform at these places unique to each destination. So, let us now move ahead and bring you our list of the best New Year Destinations to celebrate the New Year 2024.

1.    Edinburgh, Scotland:

Edinburgh in Scotland will be our first recommendation for you to enjoy the New Year holidays. This place is known for its excellent New Year fireworks, street dance parties, and concerts that place a unique feel during the event. The people there are welcoming, and there are pretty handsome discounts available if you can book now.

As the bells strike midnight, admire the world-famous Edinburgh Hogmanay Midnight Fireworks on the castle ramparts. And make sure you don’t leave before Auld Lang Syne – a national sing-along where you join hands with friends you just met from across the globe in its most oversized rendition in the world.

2.    Maldives:

If you love to celebrate your favorite events on beautiful beaches, the Maldives will be your best New Year destination to be. The dinner parties and galas are other things that can be quite fun, mostly when you mingle with people at famous spots.

Get into the spirit of the season with a host of festivities and take in the classic Christmas tree lighting. Wander through a beachside traditional Christmas market, and there are many other activities that you can be a part of in this beautiful island country.

3.    New Orleans:

New Orleans in Louisiana is a place for perfect parties and concerts, and if you have not enjoyed some great music in a while, maybe this is the place you should be going. The streets are alive with dance parties and drinks all around the city.

Steamboat Natchez hosts a New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise beginning at 10:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Patrons can enjoy an open bar, holiday-themed dinner buffet, and musical entertainment by a live dance band. Board at the Toulouse Street Wharf and watch the fireworks from your seat on the boat.

4.    Tokyo, Japan:

Japan is the ideal representative of Asian culture, so the New Year Fireworks and Parties are at their best when it comes to this country. Tokyo is the place to enjoy a rich Japanese culture and food and be a part of the world’s biggest New Year celebrations.

Tokyo has filled incredible New Year’s Eve parties and countdown celebrations. You can choose to brave the crowds at Shibuya Crossing, dance all night at the clubs, or do something more cultured like visiting the shrines for the first prayer of the new year and partaking in a spiritual bell-ringing ritual at the temples.

5.    Madrid, Spain:

If you want your New Year Celebrations to be in a European style, we would not recommend any other city than Madrid. Besides other HNY festivities, you can be a part of the ‘Twelve Grapes’ New Year Tradition and have some great time among the Spaniards.

In this new year tradition, people eat 12 grapes as a goodwill gesture for 12 months of the upcoming year. People follow this tradition everywhere, both in their homes and on the streets, so ensure that you enjoy this wonderful Spanish new year tradition once you are there.

6.    Bangkok, Thailand:

When it comes to parties, a few cities match the charm of Bangkok, Thailand. This city is known for its incredible New Year Long-night Parties and Fireworks, which are celebrated worldwide. A vibrant street countdown party happens every year outside Central World shopping mall. Find the right spot near the junction where you can enjoy fireworks and cheering crowds that will have gathered here from the early evening, with over 100,000 people expected.

Some other best new year destinations in Bangkok are:

  • Central World
  • Asiatique
  • Bangkok Rooftop Venues
  • RCA in Bangkok
  • Loy Nava River Cruise

These were all of our favorite destinations that you can travel to celebrate New Year’s Eve during COVID-19. However, we do not recommend that you make reservations right away since anything can happen during this time, but we hope it does not.


We hope that you liked our detailed article on how New Year Celebrations will look like in quarantine. If you can think of more new year celebration ideas and destinations, please share them with us in the comments.

If you wish to read more exciting and informative New Year 2024 content & New Year Quarantine wishes, please keep visiting our website. A Happy New Year 2024 to you guys!

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Quarantine New Year 2024 – FAQs

1. Will there be a new year’s event during Quarantine?

Answer: NBC Universal, Inc. NYE 2024 will be mostly virtual due to coronavirus and keeping the public safe.

2. Where is New Year celebrated in 2024?

  • Sydney
  • Venice, Italy
  • Hong Kong
  • Brazil
  • Japan

3. Are they dropping the ball in the quarantine new year 2024?

Answer: Yes, one thing that will never change is the ticking of time and the arrival of a New Year at midnight on December 31st.

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