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Tribulus: The National Flower of United Arab Emirates

The national flower of United Arab Emirates is Tribulus,  Tribulus has not yet declared the official national flower of United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is a highly developed desert country. Despite the fact of being a desert country,  many popular flowers are native to the United Arab Emirates. Some of the flowing flowers are Convolvulus desert, Capparis cartilaginea,  Farsetia aegyptiaca, Salsola rubescens, Launaea spinosa, Helichrysum somalense, Gymnarrhena micranthus, Echiochilon thesigeri, and the Anvillea garcinii.

Tribulus The National Flower of United Arab Emirates

Interesting facts about Tribulus.

Tribulus is a flowering species belongs to Zygophyllaceae family (Subfamily:Tribuloideae). It is derived from Latin word It is mostly the native to warm region countries.  It completes its pollination cycle by insects. It is found in yellow colour with dark yellowish shade around the centre of the flower.

Only thirteen species of Tribulus is accepted by researchers and the rest of it are still under observation. It consists of around five petals, the leaves of it is small and different, unlike other popular flowers. It is non-toxic and is used in the field of medicines and in some homoeopathic products.

Why is Tribulus the national flower of United Arab Emirates?

The Tribulus is not yet set as the official national flower of United Arab Emirates but the native people of UAE consider it as their national flower. There are a few reasons for which it is the people’s national flower and they are; Firstly the colour of the flower, the Tribulus is available in yellow colour and the yellow colour is believed as the colour of friendship and the second reason which is related to the first one is that the flower is available in only one colour that is yellow, so for them,  it is the sign of equality and brotherhood. The Tribulus is available in excess rage throughout the Arab region, these are some reason which made the Tribulus the unofficial national flower of UAE.

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Tribulus: The National Flower of United Arab Emirates

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