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Jasmine: The National Flower of Syria

The national flower of Syria is jasmine. It is not yet declared as the official national flower of Syria but for native Syrians, It is their national flower. The climatic condition of Syria is much suitable for cultivation. The quantity of the flowering plants are less in numbers but the land of Syria produce great quality of flowers and plants. Some native flowers of Syria are; Damask roses , Tulips, Cedrus libani, Hibiscus syriacus, Lebanon cedar, Orchids and many other wildflowers.
National flower of syria

Interesting facts about Jasmine.

Jasmine belongs to the tribe Jasmineae and Oleaceae as the family (Genus: Jasminum).  Jasmine has over 200 species and is native to some part of Europe and Asia, Africa and Oceania. Most of the jasmines are in white color but some species of it comes in yellow color. The flower of Jasmine grows about 2.5cm in diameter and have evergreen leaves. The Jasmine have two stamens with small and short filaments, It also consists of 4 to 9 petals, 1 to 4 ovules and 2 locules.Jasmine grows from 10 ft to 15 ft tall shrub. Jasmine possesses a very pleasant smell Jasmine has a variety of uses in the world of medical as it can cure Fever, used in the treatment of a sore throat, mouth ulcers, and depression. Jasmine has an average age of in between 15 to 20years. In many food industries, the syrup of jasmine is used as the flavoring agent.

Why is jasmine the national flower of Syria ?

The Jasmine is not only the national flower of Syria but also the national flower of many countries like; Indonesia, Hawaii,  Pakistan, Philippines. But the fact is that it is not set the official national flower of Syria, Syrian people consider it as their national flower. In china, the jasmine is the symbol of happiness, love intense affection elegance and peace. For Syrians, it also symbolizes peace and happiness and the second reason which made the Jasmine the national flower of Syria is the abundance, It is available in excess throughout the country.

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