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Rose: The National Flower of Morocco

national flower of morocco

The National Flower of Morocco: There is no official national flower of Morocco but the country has many flowering plants that are its specialty. They organize a rose festival each year. Related: National Flower List What is the National Flower of Morocco? Roses are considered the floral symbol of Morocco since there is a rose […]

National Tree of Denmark

National tree of Denmark

National Tree of Denmark: Like all other countries, Denmark also has a national tree. Related: List of National tree. What is the National tree of Denmark? European beech is Denmark National tree. This is a flowering plant that is in oak and beech family both. This tree is native to the European region and is […]

National Bird of Czech Republic

National Bird of Czech Republic: The national bird is the Czech Republic is quite unique and is found in the region. Related: List of national birds. What is the National Bird of the Czech Republic? The National Bird of the Czech Republic is a Moravian female eagle. This eagle is also present on the country’s coat […]

Crane: The National bird of China

The National bird of China: All countries have their symbols and they have different criteria to choose these symbols. Sometimes, the countries are recognized by these symbols so they have to be chosen with care. Related: National Bird of the world What is the National bird of China? China still has not found the national bird. […]

Chukar Partridge: National Bird of Iraq

National Bird of Iraq Chakaur

National Bird of Iraq: Birds are symbols of a country because they are either native to that place or are a part of the country’s history. Related: National birds of the world What is the National Bird of Iraq? Iraq’s national bird is Chukar Partridge. This bird has black and white bars that are present […]

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