The National Flower of Iraq is red Rose. As we all know Rose is a perennial plant i.e those plants which live more than 2 years. The glamorous flower belongs to the family Rosaceae of plants.

National Flower of Iraq

A spider sitting on a Red Rose flower.

Facts about Rose:

The Rose flower bears its own significance. It has been a sign of love, modesty, affection and even rivalry. The word Rose emerged from a Latin word Rosa and the most famous one among all the species of Rose is the Red Rose which is the national flower of many countries, including Iraq, United States etc. The cultivation of Rose was first observed in old Persian civilization. As per Paleontologists, the oldest Rose fossil found in Colorado is more than 35 million years, which is quite astonishing. Roses are cultivated almost in every part of the world except super cold regions like poles. The flower in most known for its ornamental qualities and sweet scent as per it Roses are often given to loved ones to show one’s affection to them on events like mothers day, valentines day, anniversary or as a proposal. As Rose have numerous species and comes in a whole lot of colors. Besides its ornamental excellence, it also bears a ton of health benefits like rose water is pretty good for eye irritations and when drink yields numerous skin benefits. It is widely used in middle east cuisines and foods for a perfect flavor. Moreover, the fragrance extracted from rose petals is also used in several women perfumes and attar (nonalcoholic scents).


Why is Red Rose the national flower of Iraq ?

There is no specific reason why actually the Red rose the national flower of Iraq but a possibility suggests that as the cultivation of Roses were quite common during the Persian empire that is why it has opted as the National flower of both Iraq and Iran which in past era was the part or Persia.

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Red Rose: The National Flower of Iraq

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