Dog Rose: The National Flower of Romania

The national flower of Romania is the Dog Rose. It is the wild species of rose. Romania is a very beautiful and peacefull country of europe. Other than Dog rose , Crocus banaticus, Acanthus Hungarians, Fuchsia, Bearberry, Saponaria Bellifolia, Govalcuic Lilac, Peony, Rose, Tulips, Daisy, Tulips, And poppy are also the natives flowers of Romania. Roses and lilies are used in Romania as the expression of greetings and emotions.

dog rose the national flower of romania

Interesting Facts about Dog Rose:

The  actual  name  of  Dod  Rose is Rosa canina. It  belongs  to  Rosaceae  family  with Rosa  as  the  genus. It  is  native  to  some  region of Asia, Europe  and  some  parts  of Africa. It  usually  comes  in  Pale  pink  color  but  deep  pink  and  white  can  also  be found   and  it  have  about  5  to  7  leaflet. The  Dog  rose  is  about 4 cm to 6 cm  in  diameter  and  has  five petals. The Dog rose is famous for the high concentration of vitamin C and is also used to make Vitamin c tablets, Syrup, Marmalade and Tea. It is cup shaped and It blooms in June and July  It has many other splendid uses regarding medical science and food world. They are edible and many insects rely on Dog rose.

Why is Dog rose the National flower of Romania?

What the Dog rose is a wild but Exquisite flower. It is not only the national flower of Romania but also the country flower of Hampshire. For the native people, it is the symbol of style and modern age. It is highly abundant throughout the county. It is also considered as the sign of love according to some traditional aspects.It has a number of uses in a different section of life. These are some reasons and its deep relation with Europe made the Dog rose the national flower of Romania.

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