White Pelican : National Bird of Romania

National Bird of Romania


Romania is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It has many national symbols and all of these symbols represent something significant about the country’s history and its charm.

What is the national bird of Romania:

Romania National Bird is Great White Pelican. This bird is also known as rosy pelican or eastern white pelican. It breeds in shallow lakes and swaps of Asian, African and European regions.

National Bird of Romania

It belongs to the phylum chordate and Family Pelicanidae. Romania National Bird is a huge bird measuring about 140 to 180 cm. it has a yellow and pink bill. Male pelican bird weighs from 9 to 15kg and female weighs from 6 to 9 kg.

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Great White Pelican Facts:

  • To identify males, look at the bend in the back.
  • Females have a straighter beak which is shorter than that of males.
  • The face of great white pelican is naked while there is plumage is present on rest of the body.
  • Normally, this bird is silent but it also has a grunting and low-pitched sound.
  • It gives mooo calls when it comes to breeding grounds.
  • Romania National Bird is one of the most widely distributed bird species, ranging from Africa to Europe.

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Why is Great White Pelican the National bird of Romania:

White pelican is Romania National Bird because of its distinguishing features such as the hefty bill and plumage.

males, look at the bend in the back.

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