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Jasmine: The National Flower of Pakistan

The National Flower of Pakistan is Gardenia or Jasmine. The People of the country also calls it Chambelli. The flower’s color is a unique blend of white along with yellow. The white tint of Jasmine petals represents peace. Jasmine is quite abundant in Pakistan.

National Flower of Pakistan

Jasmine Facts:

Most of the species of Jasmine are white in color while the other not so abundant are yellow. The Jasmine are originated from Himalayas in western China and belong to Oleaceae Family. Jasmine flowers sports a very pleasant and sweet fragrance which is often extracted and is used in many perfumes specially for women. Flowering in Jasmine usually takes place in summer or spring after being planted for 6 months. The shrub of Jasmine can reach a height of 10-15 feets and grows one and two feet each year. Now an astonishing fact about Jasmine here is that there are actually 2 sort of the plant. One is considered to be True Jasmine while the other is False.
>True jasmine: The true jasmine belongs to the family Oleaceae and have bushy shrubs with shiny leaves and is non-poisonous.
>False jasmine: The False jasmine is completely different plant, belongs to genus Gelsemium, and family Loganiaceae, and this variety of Jasmine is considered to be poisonous for human health.

Why is Jasmine the National Flower of Pakistan?

The white color of Jasmine typically reflects peace and wisdom. There is no specified reason that why actually is Jasmine the national flower of Pakistan. However, an assumption suggests that as the flower is quite abundant in the country so it is opted as the national flower. Further, a few claims that the white color of Jasmine and the white color in Pakistan’s flag are both actually symbolizes the peace, wisdom and the rights of minority in the country.

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