Moussier’s Redstart: National Bird of Morocco

The National Bird of Morocco: Morocco has a variety of beautiful birds that make the natural beauty of the country.

the national bird of morocco

What is the National Bird of Morocco?

The national bird of Morocco is Moussier’s redstart. This bird is a small bird that is endemic in northwest Africa. It lives in open woodlands and in rocky areas. The bird’s habitat is 3000m above sea level, in the mountains. Morocco National Bird is the smallest redstart bird and is only 12cm in length. It weighs up to 15grams. Males and females are physically different in appearance.

National bird of morocco

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Bird of Morocco Facts:

  •  This symbol bird Morocco is named after an amateur naturalist who was a surgeon in the French army.
  • Males have a black head and white stripe above each eye. This stripe is also down the side of the neck.
  • Females have a brown head and the underparts are less orange as compared to the males.
  • The clutch size of redstart is 3 to 6 eggs and they lay eggs in their nest.
  • They dig insects out of the ground to feed on them and may also eat small berries.

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Why is Redstart the National Bird of Morocco?

Redstart is the national bird of Morocco because it is endemic to the region.

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