Rose: The National Flower of Morocco

The National Flower of Morocco: There is no official national flower of Morocco but the country has many flowering plants that are its specialty. They organize a rose festival each year.

Rose national flower of morocco

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What is the National Flower of Morocco?

Roses are considered the floral symbol of Morocco since there is a rose festival in the country every year. Roses are not just decorative flowers, they actually have many benefits too. Morocco’s national flower has prickles on them. These prickles are in climbing roses that help in attaching to other objects and plants around them.

The National Flower of Morocco

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National Flower Morocco Facts:

  • There are about 100 rose species and they have different colors, shapes and grow in different climates.
  • The most common species of roses is Tea Rose.
  • Roses were of great importance to Romans and Egyptians.
  • In ancient Rome, roses were grown in order to ensure that there was a yearlong supply of ingredients for cooking,
    ornaments and medicinal extracts.
  • The oldest rose bush in the world is believed to be 1000 years old.

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Why is Rose the National Flower of Morocco?

Rose is the main flower of Morocco as there is a Rose festival every year. There is no official floral emblem but the rose was chosen due to its popularity.

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