Crane: The National bird of China

The National bird of China: All countries have their symbols and they have different criteria to choose these symbols. Sometimes, the countries are recognized by these symbols so they have to be chosen with

National bird of China

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What is the National bird of China?

China still has not found the national bird. They are searching for the best avian symbol for their
country. The state of China is 59 years old but they still do not have a national bird.

As said by the government, the criteria for choosing a national bird is that the animal should reflect the national spirit. They are looking for a species that is found abundantly in China only.

National bird of China Crane

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China National Bird Facts:

As we have mentioned, there is no National bird China, the country actually came very close to
an agreement.

Crane China

  • A poll was conducted in 2004 by the country in which 64% of people voted for the red-
    crowned crane.
  • This bird symbolizes respect and longevity so many people voted for it.
  • However, it is still not the national brief as the top legislature of the country has not
    approved yet.
  • Hopefully, China will be able to select a symbol bird of china soon. People now debate
    about this on online forums.

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