National Tree of Denmark

National Tree of Denmark: Like all other countries, Denmark also has a national tree.

National tree of Denmark;

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What is the National tree of Denmark?

European beech is Denmark National tree. This is a flowering plant that is in oak and beech family both. This tree is native to the European region and is widely cultivated in temperate climates. It is also present in some parts of North America and China. Some other names for this tree and English oak and common oak.

national tree of denmark european beech

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European Beechtree Facts:

  • This tree is quite large and is deciduous. It can be from 4 meters to 12 meters.
  • The tree starts to flower during mid-spring and the fruit ripens in mid-autumn.
  • The fruit from this tree is called acorns.
  • Oaktree is very important for ecology since it provides habitat to many insects and wildlife.
  • The highest diversity of insects is found in the leaves, acorns, and buds of the tree.
  • European oak is also planted for forestry since the wood from the tree is used for making interior design objects and furniture.

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Why is Oak the Denmark National tree?

European beech is the national symbol of Denmark because it symbolizes strength and longevity. The trees live to be very long and have strong heartwood.

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