National Bird of Czech Republic

National Bird of Czech Republic: The national bird is the Czech Republic is quite unique and is found in the region.

National bird of Czech republic

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What is the National Bird of the Czech Republic?

The National Bird of the Czech Republic is a Moravian female eagle. This eagle is also present on the country’s coat of arms. Eagles are large birds of prey that come from different genera and there are 60 species of these birds. Most of these species are found in Africa and Asia, 3 species are found in Australia, 2 in North America and 9 in other parts of America.

National bird of Czech republic

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Moravian female eagle Facts:

  • Eagles build their nests on high cliffs or tall trees. These nests are called eyes.
  •  Normally, eagles lay two eggs but once the larger chick hatches, it mostly kills the younger sibling.
  • Most of the time, the dominant chick is female because they are bigger than males.
  • In the avian world, eagles are on the apex of predation because of their size and power.
  • Eagles have large pupils that cause maximum diffractions and this gives them good eyesight.
  • Czech Republic National Bird is the female eagle because it is larger.

Why is Eagle the Czech Republic National Bird of the?

Eagle is the symbol of the Czech Republic because of its size and power. Eagles are on top of the food chain in the avian world and they are dominant over other organisms.

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