Ostrich: National Bird of Australia

National Bird of Australia: Australia is a land that is famous for many animals such as kangaroos and emus. Australia has a national bird that was chosen by the people.

National Bird of Australia emu

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What is the National Bird of Australia?

The national bird of Australia is an emu. This bird is the second largest bird in the world in terms of
height and it is only second to the ostrich. This bird of Australia is present in all over Australia and is
brown in colour. This bird is soft-feathers and has a long neck and legs.

Australia of EMU

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Australia National Bird Facts

  •  Australia national bird name is emu and it is present extensively in the country.
  •  The breeding period of this bird is in May and June.
  • Females fight for a male when they want to mate during the season.
  • During the mating season, females can mate multiple times and they lay a lot of clutches
    of eggs.
  • Eggs hatch in eight weeks and the emus become full size in 6 months.
  • This symbol bird Australia is a cultural icon of the country and also appears on the coat
    of arms.

Why is Emu the National Bird of Australia?

Emu is the national bird because it is present abundantly in the country. It also appears on the
coins and coat of arms.

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