Italian Sparrow: National Bird of Italy

National Bird of Italy: Italy is a land of historical landmarks, fashion and delicious food. There are so many beautiful things in Italy including nature.

National Bird of Italy

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What is the National Bird of Italy?

Italy National bird is Italian Sparrow which is the native bird of Italy and is found in the northern
parts of the country. It is also found in some other Mediterranean regions. The appearance of
this sparrow is somewhere between a Spanish and a house sparrow.

National Bird of Italy

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Italy National Bird Italian Sparrow Facts:

  •  The Italian sparrow is a small yet chunky bird.
  • It has brown plumage. The pattern and length of plumage differentiate between two
  • The male identification is a bib on the throat which is actually a black patch. It is also
    called a badge.
  • Italy National bird colour is chestnut and the underparts of the bird are grey in colour.
  • Italian sparrow is a popular bird in Italy and it is about 14 to 16cm in length.

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Why is Italian Sparrow the National Bird of Italy?

Italian Sparrow is the national bird of Italy because it is found in the country. Some symbols are
chosen because of their abundance in the region.

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