The National flower of Algeria is Iris Tectorum. The native people also call it as roof Iris. This flower is mostly found in Burma, Algeria, Korea, China. It is considered and cultivated as gem plant in temperate climatic regions.National flower of Algeria

Interesting Facts About Iris Tectorum.

Iris Tectorum belongs to Iridaceae Family with Iris as the genus. Iris Tectorum is a very Beautiful flower and are found in a variety of color i.e: Bluish-violet, bluish-lavender, a bluish-purple or sky-blue flower they are also available in white color. They possess about seven showy petals and can reach a size up to 60 cm & its basal fans are yellowish green in color. It has the ability to endure the temperature below -10 C but can offer a frosts protection it can also bear the acidic soil with a PH between 6.1–7.8. It is a toxic flower but it is being used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat life-threatening diseases like hepatitis and wind damp pains.


Why Iris Tectorum is the National Flower of Algeria?

No doubt Iris is an exceptional flower with God blessed Qualities, there is no specific reason that why Iris Tectorum is the National flower of Algeria but some people proposed that because of its abundance in Algeria and its traditional use in medicines by the native people makes this Exceptional flower the National Flower.

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