National Tree of Romania

National Tree of Romania:

Trees give us life because they produce oxygen. Nowadays, deforestation has left many areas devoid of trees but each country has its national trees that it tries to preserves.

National trees are often chosen due to their abundance or significance in the country’s identification in the world.

National Tree of Romania

What is the National Tree of Romania:

National Tree of Romania or Romania national tree is oak. This tree is from the beech family and there are about 600 species of this tree in the world. Oak tree grows in America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Most of the species of oak trees are present in America, Mexico and China. National tree Romania belongs to the order Fegales. The leaves in oak tree are spirally arrange and while some species have serrated leaves, there are others that have smoother margins.

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National Tree of Romania


The tree is deciduous and drops its leaves during the spring season. During spring, oak trees produce male and female flowers, both.

Oak tree Facts:

The fruit of this tree is a nut which is called acorn.

  • It is present in cupule, which is a cup-like structure.
  • Romania National Tree is a flowering plant that is divided into two genera.
  • The wood from oak tree is very dense and strong.
  • It is also resistant to attack from insects and fungus because it is rich in tannins.
  • The wood from National tree Romania was used for building interiors of beautiful building in the past.
  • Barrels, containing whiskey and wines are kept are also made of oak.

Why is Oak Tree the National tree of Romania:

Oak tree has many uses because of the strength that its wood possesses. It also has beautiful and elaborate rings.

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