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Giant Protea: The National Flower of South Africa

The Gaint protea or mostly known as King protea is the national flower of South Africa It is a big size flower and is known for his unique size and design. South Africa is famous for many things and King protea is one of the things for which South Africa is famed for.

National flower of south africa

Interesting facts about King Proteas.

The protea belongs to a protease family with protea as genus the people of Africa also refer this unique flower as sugar-bushes, it was named as protea in 1735 (after the Greek GOD Produces). The presence of protea is abundant in the south of Limpopo river and 92% of the other species of it occur in Cape Floristic Region. One of its uniqueness is that it have mushy petals of the triangle shape and round and soft anthers with a not so sharp tip.They have a variety of color but the pink proteas are very eye catching for its observers.

Why is Gaint Protea the National Flower of South Africa?

There is no specific reason that why Gaint protea is the national flower of South Africa but because a few reasons it is opted as the national flower of the country, it has gained the reputation to become the national flower: Its unique king size shape, the variety of color, its exquisite looks, its use in biological labs and its abundance in South Africa. Even the people of South Africa are often being referred as “Protea”.

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