National Bird of USA

Every country has its own national bird which is the symbol for the country. Sometimes, the birds are also made on the flags or the coat of armour.

National bird in USA

What is the National Bird of USA?

United States national bird is the bald eagle. USA National bird was chosen as the national bird in 1782, on June 20th. This is a huge and majestic bird that holds quite a charm that other birds do not really have.

National bird in USA

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Bald Eagle Facts:

  • An eagle with its wings spread in present on the silver dollar, the half dollar and the gold coins.
  • It is also present in the quarter.
  • The bald eagle is also made on the National Seal of the country.

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Why is Bald Eagle the National bird of USA?

The bald eagle was chosen as the National Bird of Unites States because of its majestic looks. At first, it was thought that this bird is only found in the US. Also, during the first battle of Revolution, eagles circled the sky because they were awakened by the sounds of the freedom fighters.

The fighters said that these were the cries of freedom and that is why the eagle was chosen to be the national symbol of hope, freedom and strength.

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