Orchid: The National Flower of Kenya

Kenya export flowers on a large number. Nevertheless, it does not have any official national flower. Kenya exports tropical orchids on a great scale that is why it is propounded as the unofficial national flower of Kenya.

National Flower of Kenya

Interesting facts about Orchid:

According to the book “Orchids of Kenya” Around 265 species of Orchids are found in Kenya and it has 22,000 species world wide and become the world largest flower family. The Orchids are the flower which are found in every size and shapes. They can be as small like as a coin or as gigantic like a water melon, however, its variation in size, shapes, texture color depend solely on the habitat. The most interesting part is that particular species of Orchid can survive more than 100 years. Its fertilization depends on pollination, insects, and flies different for different species. Another fact here is that it is among the oldest plant of the family, they have existed around hundred million years on this planet according to a fossil evidence report.

Why is Orchid the National Flower of Kenya ?

Orchid is not the official national flower of Kenya and there few reasons which make the Orchids the national flower of Kenya which is: Around 250 types of orchids are native to Kenya and they are available in every color and texture throughout the country. The local people use Orchids for many medical purposes and in the curation of certain diseases, and as aforementioned Kenya exports tropical Orchids on a great scale that is why it is propounded as the unofficial national flower of Kenya.

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