Cheilocostus Speciosus: The National Flower of Nigeria

The national Flower of Nigeria is Cheilocostus speciosus. It is very unique and beautiful flower and famous for its uses. The plant of this flower is native to Queensland, Nigeria, India, China and is cultivated in India on a large scale for its medical purpose.
National flower of nigeria

Interesting Facts about Cheilocotus speciosus.

The flower cheilocotus speciosus Costaceae Family with cheilocostus as genus. The are usually found in pale pink color and white. This plant can grow up to 10ft tall but in cold areas (regions) it only grows to 6ft.

Why cheilocostus speciosus is  The National flower of Nigeria.?

There is no specific reason that why this plant is The National flower of Nigeria but because of the following reason it has gained the title of National Flower as it is abundant in Nigeria, its uniqueness and its use in medicines and in past it was used in cosmetics to look more sexually attractive.

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