Rose: The National Flower of Ecuador

The National Flower of Ecuador is the Rose. Ecuadorian roses are known for their huge blossoms, which happen in around 60 varieties in different fragrance and shades of red, pink, yellow, purple and lavender. Ecuadorian roses have dark green stems that are long and straight. This makes them particularly useful for presentation in tall vases.

Interesting Facts about Roses:

Black Rose of Turkey

There are no roses that are dark in shading, although that there are a couple of types of roses that come close. The Turkish Halfeti rose, also called “The Black Rose of Turkey”, is a to a great rare breed that shows up pitch-dark to the eye, but actually it is a dark reddish-crimson color. Every shade of the rose symbolizes certain worth. The red rose is a pure symbol of love, yellow of friendship, orange of excitement, the white of purity and pink of delight. Wild roses have 5 petals and 5 sepals. A huge number of petals is a result of mutation and it can be seen in cultivated roses. Roses can survive a drawn out stretch of time. Rose that covers the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany has over 1000 years.

Why Rose is the National Flower of Ecuador ?

A few of the advantages to the rose business are the 60 ,000 jobs offered to people who need work. Women make-up 70 % of the flower workers as well as have developed independence and economic empowerment. The income from the flower business make money meant for development of the country’s infrastructure with schools and also roads that they did not have before. For this reason the Rose is the national flower of the country.


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