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White Egyptian Lotus: The National Flower of Egypt

National flower of India white lotus

The National Flower of  Egypt  is  White  Egyptian  Lotus. The White  Egyptian  lotus  have  a deep  relation with   ancient  Egyptian  culture. Egypt  was  the  first  country  who identify  the  national  plants  and  flowers. Lotus  is  commonly  known  as  the  water lily. Egypt  ( Misr, In the Arabic language)  is  one  of  the  countries  which has […]

Al-Arfaj: The National Flower of Kuwait

national flower of kuwait al arfaj

Al-Arfaj is the national flower of Kuwait. Despite the fact that Kuwait is a desert country, many plants and flower are grown in Kuwait. Some of the famous flowers of Kuwait are Calendula parsecs, Lehiet Al-Tais , Calendula aegyptiaca, Nitraria retusa, Artemisia scoparia, Scrophularia deserti, Seidlitzia rosmarinus, Afaina, Zygophyllum coccineum and Cistanche tubulosa. Interesting facts about […]

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