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Acacia: National Tree of Australia

National Tree of Australia:

Australia is a beautiful country that has significant flora and fauna. One of these trees is
chosen as the national tree of Australia.

National Tree of Australia

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What is the National Tree of Australia?

The national tree of Australia is the Golden Wattle. This tree has the scientific name Acacia
pycnantha and is belongs to the family Fabaceae. This tree is native to the southeastern regions
of the country and grows up to a height of 8 meters. Instead of leaves, this tree has flattened
leaf stalks on it that are called phyllodes.

National Tree of Australia

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Golden Wattle Facts:

  • Australia national tree is grown in the temperate regions of the world.
  • This tree provides tannin from its barks. The highest number of wattles are taken from
    these trees, in the world.
  • National Tree Australia is not really used for its timber because it is a smaller sized tree.
  • However, the wood from this tree is used for fuel.
  • This symbol tree Australia tends to exude gums under stress and that gum can be used
    as an alternative to gum Arabic, in the food industry.

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Why is Golden Wattle the National tree of Australia?

The golden wattle was chosen by the country as the national tree in order to mark the
Federation in 1901. The bark from this tree was used in tanning industry while the blossoms
were used for honey.

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