Tulip: The National Flower of Afghanistan

The National flower of Afghanistan is Tulip:

However, Afghanistan doesn’t have their National Flower but what comes closest in the race is the Tulip. Tulips may be related to holland but its name is Originated from a Persian empire. The tulip flower is Native of Iran,  Afghanistan, turkey, and Central Asia.

National Flower of Afghanistan

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Interesting Tulip Facts:

Tulips can be found in an exceedingly enormous variety of bright colour. Though the common ones are available in white, pink, red, purple, black. Tulips belong to a family named Liliaceae.

National flower of Afghanistan is Tulip

About seventy-five wild species of tulips are known yet. They are cultivated in spring and are called Spring flower and astonishing fact is that Tulips are considered as third most.

National Flower of the world

Tulips were initially cultivated by Turkish people somewhere near 1000 A.D. Tulips largely grows in a temperate climate with mountainous space.

Afghanistan is a country with a rich history. It has different kinds of people living together, with Pashtuns being the majority. Like other countries, Afghanistan also has many national symbols.

What is the national flower of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan national flower is the tulip flower. This flower is commonly known as garden tulip too. The word, tulip, comes from the Turkish language and it is a favourite among the people of Afghanistan.

National floral of Afghanistan was cultivated in Persia in the 10th century and the early 15th century. This flower is native to Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. It also grows in the central parts of Asia.

Why is Tulip the National Flower of Afghanistan:

Tulips don’t seem to be solely the national flower of Afghanistan however additionally the National Flower of a European nation, hungry, Turkey, Netherland.

For centuries tulips were a part of Persian culture they thought that the red and yellow colour of it reflects the love and a gift from God. The tulip was a topic for Persian poets from the thirteenth century.

Afghanistan national flower is tulip because this flower is a symbol of love and purity, which are the two traits of Afghan people. Even though poppy is the national symbol of the country, the tulip was chosen as the national flower.


Tulip Facts:

  •  National flower Afghanistan was a favourite for the King of Ottoman Empire.
  •  This flower belongs to the genus Tulipa.
  • It is found in areas with a temperate climate.
  •  Tulip flower blooms in spring and is a symbol of love, passion, romance and purity.
  • During the early stages, tulip flowers are little bulbs that need to chill for four a month before blooming.
  •  During the 1600s, tulips were so expensive that some of them were even more expensive than houses.

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