The national flower of Afghanistan is Tulip. However, Afghanistan doesn’t have their National
Flower but what comes closest in the race is the Tulip. Tulips may be related to holland
but its name is Originated from a persian empire. The tulip flower is Native of Iran, Afghanistan
turkey, and Central Asia.

National Flower of Afghanistan


Interesting Tulip Facts:

Tulips can be found in an exceedingly enormous variety of bright color. Though the common ones are available in white, pink, red, purple, black. Tulips belongs to a family named Liliacae. About seventy-five wild species of tulips are known yet. They are cultivated in spring and are called Spring flower and astonishing fact is that Tulips are considered as third most. Tulips were initially cultivated by Turkish people somewhere near 1000 A.D. Tulips largely grows in temperate climate with mountainous space.

Why is Tulip the National Flower of Afghanistan:

Tulips don’t seem to be solely the national flower of Afghanistan however additionally the National Flower of European nation, hungry, Turkey, Netherland. For centuries tulips were a part of Persian culture they thought that the red and yellow color of it reflects love and a gift from God. The tulip was a topic for Persian poets from the thirteenth century.

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