Rose: The National Flower of United States

The National flower of the United States is Rose:

On November 20th, 1986, the president of USA Approved a resolution and declared Rose as the national flower of the country.

The Rose is approximately 35 million years old and grows abundantly in North America. The Rose is one of the symbols of America the red colour of the Rose signifies the love as well as beauty and war and politics at the same time.

Flowers are a beautiful creation of nature. Not only do they have beautiful scents and colours, but
they also have many health benefits for the body too. Throughout time, flowers and herbs have
been used in remedies and medical treatments.

National Flower of USA

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What is the National Flower of the USA?

The National flower of the United States of America is Rose. It is one of the most common flowers
in the world and is regarded as a symbol of love.

Roses grow in different colours, such as red, pink, yellow and black. Red roses symbolize love while black roses are the rarest ones. Rose was made the national flower USA in 1986. USA National flower has also been accepted by all states as their state flower.

National Flower of United States

Interesting Fact About National Flower of USA Rose:

The Rose Flower has a fruity sweet fragrance and its petals are edible and have been used in
medicines since ancient times.

The fruits of Rose (which are on the base) are highly nutritious as they are rich in Vitamin C E And K, these Vitamins assists the immune system. Rose possesses numerous benefits for human health.

Rosewater extracted from Rose petals is very good hydrant for skin, it is also beneficial for eyesight. There is plenty of colour variation present there for Rose like black, yellow, red, white etc. On valentines, day couples gift red roses to each other to show the love they feel for each other.

National Flower of United States

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Rose Facts:

 Roses are grown naturally in North America.
 They have been growing for over 35 million years.
 In ancient times, the petals of the rose flower were used in medicine and they are edible.
 Roses have been a part of poetry, literature, war and love stories throughout history.
 President Ronald Reagan signed the bill asking for the rose to be the national flower.
 This ceremony was held in the White House Rose Garden.

Why is rose the National Flower of America?

  • Rose represents the virtues of the United States of America and it also symbolizes love and affection between the people of the country.
  • Rose symbolizes beauty, love and sacrifice. It is a beautiful flower to have as your national
    emblem. It is the national flower of many countries around the world, including the USA.

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