National Tree of USA

Trees are a beautiful part of nature. Whether you want to sit in a quiet and peaceful place to read a book or you want to enjoy nature, you can always be around trees.

National Tree of USANational Tree of USA

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What is the National Tree of the USA?

The National Tree of the United States of America is Oak tree. This tree is native to the US and it grows quite active during the summer and spring season. National Tree of the United States are perennial trees and they are present in the southeast regions of the country.

National Tree of United states of america

These trees grow extensively in the coastal plains of Maryland to Texas. The difference between oak and live oak trees is that the oak trees drop their leaves in winter while the live oak trees have their leaves throughout the year.

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Oak Tree Facts:

  • National Tree of the United States of America is a large tree that has been chosen as the state tree of Georgia.
  • This tree provides shade because it has branches spread wide.
  • If the landscape is suitable, these trees can live for centuries.
  • There is two feet growth in the young trees every year.
  • The trees grow best in loamy and sandy soil but they can also live under alkaline conditions and withstand drought.

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Why is Oak the National Tree of US?

Oak is National Tree USA because live oak is native to the country and oak tree provides timber for buildings.

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