National Bird of Algeria

National Bird of Algeria:

Algeria has an official national bird like all other countries around the world. Name of the National bird of Algeria is Barbary Partridge.

Barbary Partridge National bird of Algeria


What is the National Bird of Algeria?

The national bird of Algeria is Barbary Partridge. National Bird Algeria is a common bird that is
seen by almost everyone in North Africa.

NATION bird of algeria Barbary Partridge

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It is native to the region and belongs to the order Galliformes. This bird of Algeria is very peaceful and is generally shy in nature. They belong to the phylum chordate and are in the class Aves.

Algeria National Bird Facts:

 Algeria national bird is also native to Gibraltar and is found in the Canary Island too.

 It has been introduced to Madeira and Portugal along with being present in Sardinia.

 This symbol bird Algeria has a grey and brown back while the breast is grey in colour.

 The legs are red in colour and the bird actually runs, rather than fly, when it is disturbed.

 It lays 10 to 16 eggs and breeds in dry, open lands.

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Why is Barbary Partridge the National Bird of Algeria?

This bird is the national bird of the country because it is native to the region. It adds to the
natural beauty and ecosystem of the region.

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