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Royal Bengal Tiger: The National Animal of Bangladesh

The national animal of Bangladesh is the royal Bengal tiger. The scientific name for royal Bengal tiger is Panthera tigris tigris. The national animal of India is also tiger. The tigers are the biggest among the big cat family even slightly bigger than ferocious lions.

national animal of bangladesh white bengal tiger
White Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger Facts:


The Bengal tiger (also known as the Royal Bengal tiger) is a subspecies of tiger, found across the Indian subcontinent. Male weigh around 220 KG while females weigh around 140 KG.

Royal Bengal Tiger Pictures:

Bengal Tiger Roar

Royal Bengal Tiger Roar Face

Royal Bengal Tiger The National Animal of Bangladesh jaws


Royal Bengal Tiger The National Animal of Bangladesh

Royal Bengal Tiger The National Animal of Bangladesh helonational

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Bengal Tiger Appearance:

The appearance of Bengal tiger totally fits for the camouflage. This big cat sports a reddish to orange coat with narrow black, gray or brown stripes over it. The belly furs are creamy or white. Unlike lions, the male tigers don’t bear any mane for added protection during a fight.

Gestation period and Reproduction in Bengal tigers:

The gestation in these big cats is pretty much same like the lions. The female have to face the pregnancy for around 110 days, giving birth to 2-4 cubs at a time.


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Bengal tiger diet:

Tigers hunt alone just like the leopards and jaguars and unlike lions and cheetahs. The body of a tiger is fully muscular and strongly built, they even have more muscles and mass than the ferocious lions which helps them to tackle even much bigger prey easily. The tigers feed on buffaloes, pigs, boars, antelopes, gazelles, and even can hunt on birds likes ostriches.

Maturity and life span of Bengal tigers:

The female tigers attain sexual maturity at the age of 4 while males may take up to 5 years. In wild a tiger can live up to 15 years while in captivity it has been observed up to 18 years.

Population and conservation of Bengal tigers:

The Bengal tiger is among the one of the most numerous tiger subspecies. The  population of these big cats is estimated at 1,520–1,909 in India, 440 in Bangladesh, 124–229 in Nepal while 67–81 in Bhutan. It has been classified as an endangered species, susceptible to extinction by IUCN.

Why is Bengal Tiger the national animal of Bangladesh ?

For the sake of conservation of this mystic cat, it is chosen to be the national animal of Bangladesh akin to India. Save tiger!


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