Tiger: The National Animal of India

The National Animal of India Is Tiger. The Tiger is declared as the the national animal in April 1973 with the inception of a project to save the Tiger population in India. Prior to that Lion was the national animal.

Amazing facts about Tigers:

Tiger Facts - National animal of India

The Tiger (Panthera Tigris) is the biggest in cat family. It is believed that the majestic roar of a Royal Bengal tiger can be heard over 2 KM. Unlike Lions, Tigers are not good scavengers. Each Tiger’s territory is over 100 Square KM. Unlike other giant cats, these big cats do love to swim, in summer they often take a bath in pond or water resource to cool their body up. And the funny thing here is that these majestic cats can do purr purr like your house cat isn’t it amazing?

Why is Tiger  the National Animal of India?

For Indian nation Tiger symbolizes intelligence, power, agileness, elegance, strength and endurance
because of this following trait it became the National animal of India. Further, as aforementioned because of the Tiger conservation program it opted as national animal of India in 1973 by the Indian government which was a really good move to save the continuously decreasing population of Tigers because of the hunters all around the globe.


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