Komodo Dragon: The National Animal of Indonesia

The national animal of Indonesia is Komodo dragon. The scientific names for Komodo dragon are  Varanus komodoensis. It is basically a very large lizard can be found mainly in Indonesia.

national animal of indonesia

10 Amazing Facts about Komodo Dragon :

  1. A Komodo dragon can weigh above 90 KG and can be 8-9 feet long. That’s a huge lizard!
  2. These big lizards were not discovered till 1912 by biologists so the native people called it oras which actually means land crocodile.
  3. Despite their bulky appearance, these Komodo dragons can attain a speed of 20 km/h while running.
  4. Komodo dragon can hunt buffaloes, deer, antelopes, boars, dogs etc.
  5. The appetite of this lizard is great, it can eat twice as much of its weight in one feed.
  6. As per IUCN, the population of the Komodo dragon on Indonesian Islands is somewhere near 6000 in their natural habitats.
  7. A 2009 finding showed that their Silva is actually venomous and can dissolve tissues.
  8. Asexual reproduction has been observed in these monstrous lizards.
  9. Although native people refer them as land crocodile but they are very good swimmers.
  10. The life span of Komodo dragon which has been observed is 50 years in wild and 60-65 years in captivity.

Why is Komodo Dragon the national animal of Indonesia ?

As they are found only in Indonesian islands, it was picked as the national animal of the country. However, it is still called oras (land crocodile) in the country.

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