Turul: National Bird of Hungary

The National Bird of Hungary: Hungary is an interesting country in terms of national symbols because their national bird is actually a mythological creature.

National Bird of Hungary

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What is the national bird of Hungary?

The national bird of Hungary is Turul. This bird is actually a mythological creature that is a bird of prey in nature. This bird of Hungary is depicted as a falcon or as a hawk. In Hungarian tradition, this bird was the symbol used by the House of Arpad which rules in the 9th and 10th centuries.

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National Hungary Bird Facts:

National bird Hungary is based on a large falcon and it actually believed that the bird was the bird of Hungarians. These were the ones who migrated out of Central Asia.

  • According to the legend, this bird dropped its sword in Budapest, in 896AD which was an indication to Magyars that this had to be their homeland.
  • Hungary National Bird is present in the coat of arms of the army.
  • There is a Turul statue in Hungary which is the largest bird statue in the whole continent.
  • It is also the biggest bronze statue in central Europe.
  • Turul is also featured on some postage stamps that were issued after 1900.

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Why is Turul the National Bird of Hungary?

Turul is the national bird of Hungary because it holds historical importance for the country.

National Bird of Hungary

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