Mute Swan: National Bird of Denmark

National Bird of Denmark: From the different birds that are present in the country, one was chosen as the national bird of Denmark.

Bird of denmark

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What is the National Bird of Denmark?

The national bird of Denmark is Mute Swan. During the 1920s, this bird was nearly extinct. It became a protected species and now it has regained its population.

National Bird of Denmark swan

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Denmark National Bird Facts:

  •  This bird is one of the heaviest birds in the world and it grows up to 65 inches long.
  • They have a wingspan of o5-95 inches and they can fly up to 4 feet high.
  • The male birds are larger than female birds and they are distinguished by a knob on the beak.
  • The male swan of symbol bird Denmark is called a cob and it weighs 25 pounds while the female swans are 20 pounds in weight.
  • During the early years, the bird is white and has a black bill while in the later stages, the bird turns white and the bill turns orange.

Why is Mute Swan the National Denmark Bird?

Mute Swan was designated bird Denmark in 1984. It breeds in the country and is a symbol of the country.

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