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National Best Friends Day June 8 – 2021

National best friends day June 8

National Best Friends Day is ironically the only day devoted to the person with whom you might spend the other 364 days. However, one day might be enough to acknowledge and appreciate the affection you have received from that individual. Celebrating National Best Friends Day can even make your friendship bond stronger because you reveal your feelings […]

White Egyptian Lotus: The National Flower of Egypt

National flower of India white lotus

The National Flower of  Egypt  is  White  Egyptian  Lotus. The White  Egyptian  lotus  have  a deep  relation with   ancient  Egyptian  culture. Egypt  was  the  first  country  who identify  the  national  plants  and  flowers. Lotus  is  commonly  known  as  the  water lily. Egypt  ( Misr, In the Arabic language)  is  one  of  the  countries  which has […]

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