Hibiscus: The national flower of Haiti

The national flower of Haiti is Hibiscus. It is also known as rose Cayenne in Haitian language. The republic of Haiti is a Caribbean country and it is also the 2 populous Caribbean country. The Hibiscus is the unofficial flower of Haiti. It is a very colourful flower. It likes to grow in warm weather and is found on a large scale throughout Haiti.

Hibiscus the national flower of haiti

Interesting facts about Hibiscus.

The national flower of Haiti is Hibiscus.It is the member of the mallow family.Its official name is Hibiscus but many people call it as rose mallow. Hibiscus is a showy flower and is a large flower among its species. The name Hibiscus is derived from a Greek word ἱβίσκος. It is usually found in warm areas. The hibiscus flower consists of 5 soft but large petals with light green leaves. It is found in various colour, yellow, white, light pink, plain pink, red, white with purple shades but all the flowers have great medical uses. The Hibiscus has been used by many tribes and authors. The famous Nigerian author named his very first novel Purple hibiscus after this beautiful flower. The Hibiscus is a gift of God as it has or can be used for many purposes. The bark of the Hibiscus is filled with fibre. The dried Hibiscus can be used as food or edible. It is used in candies, desserts . It is used to help in the decrease of blood pressure and it also helps to increase healthy cholesterol. It contains high amount of vitamin c, oxalic acid, citric acid which is used in pharmaceutical companies. The interesting fact is that the intake of Hibiscus can boost up the immunity and is highly antioxidant. It has also some other uses as it is used to make juices. It is also used as hair conditioner and is also used as anti-dandruff treatment.

Why Hibiscus is the national flower of Haiti?

The Hibiscus is the national but unofficial flower of Haiti. There are a bunch of reason which made the Hibiscus the national flower of Haiti. The Hibiscus have many medicinal uses and also have a religious history. It is found in a variety of colour and each colour of the flower is the symbol for different things. It is found on are a large number in Haiti. It is used in numerous edible products and local Haitian drinks. It has gained immense love by the people of Haiti which help it to become the national flower of Haiti.

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