Orchid: National Flower of Thailand

National Flower of Thailand:

National flower of  Thailand is Orchid aka Ratchaphruek in the native language. Thailand is a popular tourist spot for people from all around the world. It has its own beautiful
fauna and flora.

national flower of thailand orchid

Find out the national flower of the world.

What is the national flower of Thailand?

The national flower of Thailand is ratchaphruek. This flower was chosen by the country in 2001.
Thailand National flower grows in many countries around the world. It is also found in India, Sri
Lanka, Myanmar and Pakistan.

national flower of thailand orchid

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National Flower Thailand Facts

  •  Even though the flower is locally known as ratchaphruek, it is also called dok Koon.
  •  The tree on which this flower grows is called the Golden shower.
  •  Ratchaphruek means a royal tree and every weekday in the country has a colour
  •  This flower was chosen as the national flower because of its yellow colour.
  •  This colour is associated with Buddhism, which is the main religion of the country.
  •  National floral of Thailand has appeared on many postagNe stands such as on Indian 20 rupee stamp and Canadian 48 cent stamp.
  •  Thailand national flower grows in the hot season, during February, March, April and May.

Why is ratchaphruek the National flower of Thailand?

Ratchaphruek is the national flower of Thailand because of its yellow colour. This colour is
associated with harmony and peace.

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