National Tree of Thailand

National Tree of Thailand:

The National tree of Thailand is non-other than its flower named as ratchaphruek. The tree is found generally in Southern Asia mostly in countries such as Pakistan, India, Siri Lanka.

National Tree of Thailand

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What is Thailand’s National Tree?

Ratchaphruek being Thailand’s National flower holds more than one title in the eyes of Thailand’s community. It is also given the title of Thailand’s National tree also given the scientific name of Cassia Fistula linn belonging to the family Cassia.

The tree also entitled as the state flower of Kerala. The speed dispersion takes mostly by bees and butterfly. In 1911 Robert Scott Troup conducted an experiment and found that seeds are dispersed by golden jackals which obtain fresh fruit from the tree.

Thailand National Tree

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Facts about Thailand’s National Tree:

  •  The tree has very royal connections itself. The yellow colour of the leaves symbolizes the day of kings birth.
  •  The tree has religious significance as well as the yellow colour symbolizes Buddhism enlightening the country’s major religion.
  • The tree leaves are also used in medical uses as called as the disease killer certainly means more than just the words.
  •  The tree provides food not to humans but only to the wildlife such as the golden jackal and the dogs which feast on the fruit of the trees.

Why is Ratchaphruek the National Tree of Thailand?

The National tree of Thailand certainly deserves its spot as its colour symbolizes as harmony, glory and unity. The tree also serves a great purpose in the royal family. It certainly deserves its spot as the National tree of Thailand.

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