National bird of Thailand

The National bird of Thailand:

The Siamese fireback found generally in the evergreen forests of Cambodia, Laos Thailand and Vietnam South Asia is regarded as the National bird of Thailand.

Siamese Fireback national bird of thailand

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What is the Thailand National bird?

Belonging to the family Phasianidae and also been given the scientific name lophura diardi the Thailand National bird is certainly a beauty.

It also has a historical background as well as being named by Napoleon’s nephew. It was first discovered by a French explorer and naturalist that is why is also known as Diard’s fireback.

What’s so special about this bird? Well, it’s a pheasant and having a pheasant as a National bird certainly shows a country’s power and economic strength.

National bird of thailand Siamese Fireback

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Facts about National bird Thailand:

  •  It is about 80 cm long, medium-sized where males are mostly greyish in colour. The males being are considered much prettier than the females.
  •  The female which is brownish in colour lays about four to eight eggs. They have an average life span of 2 to 5 years in the wild as for all birds.
  •  It was once regarded as near threatened due to hunting
    and habitat destruction.

Why is it the National bird of Thailand?

The bird of Thailand which is the honour given only to the Siamese firebreak. Why is that? Well, mainly due to the bird being a symbol of power and strength among the Thailand community.

Its remarkable beauty (mostly of the males) is a sign of purity and pride. Thus, giving it the national bird title among all Thailand bird species.

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