National Tree of Afghanistan

National Tree of Afghanistan:

National tees of some countries are selected based on their abundance in the country or symbolism of the tree. Some of these trees are useful for timber while others have food or medicinal value.

The national tree of afghanistan

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What is the National Tree of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan national tree is Mulberry. These trees grow in temperate regions of the world and they grow wild.

When they are still young, the mulberry plants grow quickly but as they grow older, the growth rate gets slower and the tree is rarely taller than 50 feet.

National Tree of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan national plant is valuable for its fruit, which has many benefits for the body. The fruit of this tree is white or yellow when immature and turns to red and black when it is fully ripe.

Mulberry Facts:

  •  The fruit from the mulberry tree is good for weight loss because it contains 88% water content.
  •  Mulberry fruit also has many important minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin K1, Vitamin E, Potassium, Iron and Vitamin C.
  • Leaves from the mulberry tree are the source of nutrition for silkworms that are important for silk production.
  •  Anthocyanin present in mulberry fruit is a source of natural food colouring agents.

Why is the mulberry tree the National Tree of Afghanistan?

National Tree of Afghanistan is mulberry because the mulberry tree has many benefits.

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