National Bird of Afghanistan

National Bird of Afghanistan:

Afghanistan national bird is the symbol of the country and it represents the traits of people living in the country.

National Bird of Afghanistan golden eagle

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What is the National Bird of Afghanistan?

National Bird of Afghanistan is the Golden Eagle. These birds are present in the Northern hemisphere and they are normally found in the mountainous regions or canyons.

National Bird of Afghanistan

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The bird belongs to phylum chordate and class Aves. Bird of Afghanistan is carnivorous in its diet and eats smaller birds or worms. The bird is majestic in its flight, which is why it is considered a great bird.

Golden Eagle Facts:

  •  Afghanistan national bird colour is brown and black as the plumage is golden on the top.
  • These birds live for 2 decades but some may also live for 30 years.
  • Normally, National Bird of Afghanistan eats rodents, snakes and fish but it is strong enough to feed on a deer too.
  • The bird has a speed of 150 miles per hour and their talons are as forceful as a bullet.
  •  They soar through the air and capture their prey before the prey has a chance to realize anything.

Why is Golden Eagle the National Bird of Afghanistan?

The national emblem of Afghanistan has been changed 13 times but in 1978, an eagle took the place of the national emblem. It was chosen because of its majestic force, power and dominant nature.

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