Orchids: The National Flower of Singapore

Vanda Miss Joaquim or commonly known as Singapore Orchid is the national flower of Singapore. Singapore Orchid is as colorful and vibrant as the country itself. The large and broad edge of the Sigapore Orchid is a violet colored, which contrast stunningly with the darker mauve in the epicenter of the flower and completes with cheerful orange. It is a free flowering plant that blossoms four flowers in one time. It is the most blossoming plant in Singapore. Singapore Orchid is a sun loving blossom and need high humidity and substantial fertilizing.

Interesting Facts about Singapore Orchids:

 Facts About Singapore Orchids

Singapore Orchids are lovely and delicate flowers and also known as Princess Aloha Orchid. Singapore orchids is the first registered plant hybrid from Singapore. Singapore Orchids are actually a hybrid of three diverse orchid varieties (Ascocentrum, Vanda and Arachnis).  They are printed on Singaporean one-dollar coin and usually on stamps as well. Singapore is the only county that has a hybrid flower as its national flower. In ancient Greece Orchids were associated with chivalry. With a subtle, sculptural prettiness and historically, these exotic flowers signifies the symbol of refinement, luxury and mystery. Singapore is widely famous for its exquisite gardens. These flowers bloom all throughout the year in Singapore. Many hybrids of Singapore Orchids have been produced especially for celebrities traveling to Singapore.

Why Are Orchids The National Flower of Singapore:

Being a hybrid flower, Singapore Orchid is a reflection of its culture. The exotic and colorful flower symbolizes the multicultural inheritance of Singapore. The resilience of Singapore Orchid represents the spirit of the country itself.


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