Lion: The National Animal of Sri Lanka

The national animal of Sri Lanka is the king of jungle lion. The scientific name for lion is Panthera leo. Lions are the second biggest cat specie in the world, tiger holding the top spot. It is believed that roar of a lion can heard from a distance of even 8 KMs.

national animal of Sri Lanka

Basic Facts about lions:

Appearance of lion:

The principal distinctive attribute between the lions and lioness is the male having a mane. Deeper and darker the mane the stronger the lion is. The typical male lions are generally around two hundred KG whereas the females some-where at 150 KG. Many people contemplate the lion as the largest of the big cats however, it isn’t correct. Tigers keep the crown for being biggest among the big cat family.

Prey of lions:

These imperial big cats prey on wildebeest, impala, zebra, giraffe, buffaloes, antelopes, boars, hares, wild birds, reptiles as well as occasionally on biggy rhinoceros and hippopotamus. Lions are also been shot couple of times attacking and taking down elephants when the food supply is limited.

Population and conservation status of lions:

As per an estimate by the authorities, there are just 21,000 lions remaining in the world at the present time, and the figure is decreasing day by day. The IUCN have considered the majestic lion as an endangered, vulnerable to extinction species.

Why is lion the national animal of Sri Lanka ?


Lion on Sri Lankan flag can be observed which reflects the bravery of Sri Lankan nation. That is the primary reason lion is taken as the national of the Sri Lanka.

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