Ishy Bilady: The National Anthem of UAE

The national anthem of UAE is Ishy Bilday. The anthem was adopted by UAE in 1971. The composer of the anthem is Mohammed Abdel Wahab and as per different sources he is also composer of various anthems of other Arab states.

National Anthem of UAE – Ishy Bilady:

Ishhi Biladi Asha tihaadu imaaratinah
Ishti Lishabin
Dinu hul islamu Hadhyu Ul Qura`anu
Hassanthuk Bismillah Ya Watan
Biladi Biladi Biladi Biladi
Hamakil Ila Hushuroorazaman
Aqsamna an nabani anaamal
naamal nukhlis naamal nukhlis
Mahima Ashna Nukhlis nukhlis
daamal amaanu wa aashal alam ya imaaratinah
Ramzul Arooba Kullu na nafdeeqi
Biddi manarweeqi
Nafdeeqa Bil arwah ya Watan

Ishy Bilady: The National Anthem of UAE

Ishy Bilady National Anthem English Lyrics:

Long live my country, live United, our Emirates
Your life for your people
Whose religion is Islam and whose guide is the Quran
We fortify you with the name of Allah, oh my homeland
My country, my country, my country, my country
Allah protects you from evil throughout time
Each of us swears to build you and work for you
Our work is pure, we work in purity
with all our lives, pure and unequivocal
The peace is everlasting and the flag lives on, my Emirates
You are the symbol of the Arab character
Every one of us sacrifices with all of our blood
We sacrifice with our very souls, oh, my homeland

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