Cyclamen persicum: The national flower of israel

The national flower of Israel is Cyclamen persicum. In 2007 the cyclamen and Anemone coronaria was chosen for the election of national flower of Israel and the polling was conducted by the famous website, nyet .

Which result in the cyclamen as the national flower of Israel. The competition was close and the cyclamen won by a small margin of 456 votes.

The national flower of Israel is Anemone known as כַּלָנִית (Kalanit) in Israel. It is a beautiful flower with usually white petals surrounding the core.

Anemone flower is available in many shades depending upon the type of the flower. It is native to the temperate climate regions of African Sahara.

The climate, soil and atmospheric conditions of Israel are well suited for the growth of Anemone seed. Anemone plant therefore grow wild and is harvested in Israel for centuries.

Anemone derives its name from the Greek anemōnē which means “daughter of the wind”.  The flower occupies a significant position in the history of Ancient Greece.

According to Greek traditions the goddess Venus created this flower. The flower came into existence when she poured the juice of some flowers on the blood of her lover Adonis who was killed by a wild boar.

The Society For The Protection Of Nature In Israel declared Anemone as the national flower in the year 2013. Prior to that the Cyclamen flower was recognized as the National Flower by the state of Israel.

What is The National flower of Israel?

The national flower of Israel is Anemone.

cyclamen persicum the national flower of israel

Interesting facts about Cyclamen persicum.

Cyclamen persicum, the national flower of Israel is the flowering species of herbaceous plant produce from the tuber. It is native to Israel.

Other than Israel, this flowering species is found in south-central of turkey and some region of Jordan. The monks introduced the cyclamen in Algeria, Tunisia and some areas of Karpathos.

The leaves of the Cyclamen plants are heart shaped and can grow up to 16 inches. They are shaded with dark and light green color.

The cyclamen starts flowering from winter to spring and the flower consists 5 petals and 5 sepals. They are usually found in white pale pink color with dark purple shade at the corners.

Cyclamen persicum has semi-poisonous roots. In some tribes, the dark brown roots were used in the production of leather and soap.

The ancient fishermen also used to take cyclamen as the ingredient for fishing. They used to grind the cyclamen and mix it with lime then sprinkle it on the surface of the water.

The Fishes tend to float on the surface of the water after eating the poisonous herbs.

Anemone is the genus of the flowering species and belongs to the family Ranunculaceae. The native people commonly called it Kalanit.

It blooms in the start of spring. The Anemone consist of a huge variety of species about 100 that are identified worldwide.

Anemones come in Deep red, Blue, Yellow in color. It has many medicinal uses It is used for healing and also used in many homeopathic medicines.

One of its species i.e: Anemone nemorosa is poisonous. It is showy flowering plant and do not have any fragnance. They rely on insects for their fertilization because bees aren’t attracted to it often. It

is native to Israel, Japan and The Great Britain. It requires loamy and acidic soil for blooming.

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 national flower of israel

Why Cyclamen persicum is the national flower of Israel?

The cyclamen persicum is the most loved flower in Israel. It was elected as the national flower of Israel by voting in 2007. It is available on a large scale throughout the Israel.

It is used for many medicinal and other purposes. The heart-shaped leaves of cyclamen considered as a sign of good fortune.

It was believed by the native people that the cyclamen flower withstands with the other flower which signifies unity. These are a few reason which made Cyclamen the national flower of Israel.

Israel has no Official national flower but Anemone is considered as the national flower of Israel. It is widely available throughout the country.

It has many medical uses. The people of Israel gift the yellow, white and red Anemone, on many festivals and occasion. It also has a brief relation with the Israel history . These are some reasons which make Anemone the national flower of Israel.

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