Rufous hornero: The National Animal of Argentina

National animal of Argentina is the Rufous hornero. The scientific name for Rufous hornero Furnarius rufus. They are also known as red ovenbird and mainly occurs in South America.

national animal of argentina

Basic Facts about Rufous hornero ( Furnarius rufus):

  1. The Rufous hornero is a medium sized bird of 18 to 20 cm and weigh of about 31 to 58 grams.
  2. Loves to eat insects like, flies, earthworms, snail, larvae etc.
  3. Wings length is approximately 10.2 cm, generally the wing length of males are larger.
  4. In the breeding season, females lays between 2 to 4.
  5. Both the parents incubate the eggs for 14 to 18 days.
  6. The chicks remains with their parents for 4 to 9 months.
  7. The nest of their is strongest of all over the birds, built with mud and plant material.
  8. The nest is placed above 8 meters from the ground.
  9. The vocalization of both male and female is a bit different.
  10. Their voices are among the best voices, especially male voice.
  11. They are too sensitive and lives in scrubby habitat.

 Why is Rufous hornero the national animal of Argentina ?

This specie of bird is quite common in the country. That is why it is declared as the national animal of Argentina. Moreover, in the morning the beautiful voices of these birds just cheers a person up from inside.

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