Huemul: The National Animal of Chile

The national animal of Chile is huemul or south Andean deer. The scientific name for huemul is Hippocamelus bisulcus. They are included in endangered species and mainly found in mountains of Argentina and Chile.

Huemul The National Animal of ChileHuemul The National Animal of Chile

Basic Facts about huemul or south Andean deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus):

  1. Huemul or south Andean deer is a hoofed, grazing mammal.
  2. Jacobson’s organ a special kind of organ located in upper half of their roof, which is able to detect certain chemical combinations and also known as vomeronasal.
  3. An only living creature that consumes only vegetable materials.
  4. The female give birth to a young one after 200 to 220 days of the gestation period.
  5.  The huemul has four chambered stomach that can store heavy amount of food.
  6. The legs are very thin and get easily bent which helps them to attain a good speed.
  7. They can survive even in as cold as – 50 Celsius.
  8. The huemul has small eyes, large black nose and very much big ears, that helps them to survive against their predators.
  9. Males (140 – 175 cm) are larger in size as compare to females (140 – 157 cm) with almost difference of 30-32 cm in height.
  10. An adult huemul can weigh around 40-100 Kg.

Why is huemul or south Andean deer is the national animal of Chile ?

According to IUCN huemul or south, Andean deer is an endangered animal so for the sake of its conservation and also the religious importance of huemul in Chilean culture it opts as the national animal of Chile.


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