Maple Leaf: National flower of Canada

Every country has its national symbols which represents the geographical conditions and culture etc. Things which are mostly studied and searched for as the national symbols may include flowers, animals, dresses, and foods. Canada is one of the most prosperous countries in the world and today, we are here to discuss one of its national symbol and that is its flower. The National Flower of Canada is not actually a flower but in fact, it is a leaf called ‘Maple Leaf’ from Maple tree. This is an internationally recognized sign which represents Canada in all the symbolic means. Let us now discuss the history behind this national symbol and its variations all over the state of Canada.

History of National Flower of Canada:

If you are aware of the French History with Canada, you should know that French Canadians during the time of their settlement first adopted this symbol. Later, when the national symbols of the country were being decided, this was represented as national flower of Canada with very strong arguments because of the majority of the specie. It was even described as King of the forest by one of the mayors of the city.

Importance & Use of Maple Leaf as National Flower of Canada:

The importance of this symbol can be estimated from the fact that in the 19th century, it was already added to the Canadian Coat of Arms by the year 1868. This symbol has represented the states of Ontario and Quebec at every event. A phrase by Alexander Muir which says ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ is sometimes sang as an unofficial anthem in the Canada and is a great part of their culture. The national flag of Canada has two red strips at the either sides and in the middle on the white portion, a red Maple Leaf is printed. By the start of the 20th century, it got imprinted on currency as well. Also, the national post stamp of the country has this national symbol.

So, this was some major information about the National Flower of Canada called the Maple Leaf. To read about more national symbols of different countries, keep visiting our site.

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