National Tequila Day July 24 – 2017

National Tequila DAY is celebrated on the 24th of July every year to appreciate and promote the use of 16th century drink Tequila. Celebrating this day is a pure joy and is all about enjoying some fresh Tequila drink with your family and friends.

What Is Tequila?

A common misconception about Tequila is that it actually is a cactus juice. But this is not the case. It is actually an alcoholic beverage or a distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant normally containing 38-40% alcohol content. Percentage of alcohol content, however may range from 31-55%. All Tequila must be distilled from Blue Weber Agave which takes six to twelve years to mature for harvesting. The heart of the plant known as Piña is then used for the Tequila production.

Tequila is then fermented in the wooden containers and is bottled between 70 to 110 proof. Different types of Tequila is then formed on the basis of their proof number and the time period for which they are fermented in the containers.

Tequila has it’s origins in Mexico and therefore it continues to be the only the legal right holder of the word “Tequila” by International law.

Special laws have been made by the Mexican government concerning the Tequila production. By law, Tequila cannot be produced outside the five Mexican states. All of the Jalisco, the hometown of Tequila can legally harvest blue agave and make Tequila, while limited municipalities and counties of the other four states namely Michoacan, Guanaguato, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas can do so.

Another law regarding the Tequila production says that the drink must be made from at least 51% of the agave extract and any percentage of the agave extract less than that would make the drink illegal to produce and sell. Some Tequilas are labeled as premium. Premium Tequilas are made from 100% blue agave and are considered as the best quality Tequilas but are equally expensive.

National Tequila Day July 24

History And Origin Of The National Tequila Day

No Tequila production company or Tequila selling bar has any official record of celebrating the National Tequila Day for the first time. Hence, its origin and creator are unknown.

As an unofficial national day, it is now celebrated all over the world especially in the North America, particularly in the US and Mexico by the Tequila-producing companies, Tequila serving bars and the Tequila lovers and enthusiasts.

How To Celebrate National Tequila Day?

To celebrate this day, buy some Tequila and remember that it is one of the most loved drinks in the world. So, share it with your family and friends. If you are concerned about the cost, don’t worry at all. There are so many deals and freebies offered by different companies, bars, and restaurants.

National Tequila Day Deals, Offers and Freebies

Several offers and freebies are available inside and outside of the Mexico so that the day can be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone.

Freebies and deals are offered by the companies and bars like Abuelo’s, El Torito, On The BorderChevys. Chevys and El Torito offer the Jose Cuervo Tequila for just $2 on this day. While On the border is offering Lunazul Reposado  Tequila for the same price. If you are a fan of premium Tequilas, then Abuelo’s deal is the best option for you. Abuelo’s is offering Premium Margaritas for just $5.95.

With all those freebies and deals, there is no reason to not to celebrate and enjoy this day and the chilling drink of Tequila with your family and friends.

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